Project Management

Clinical Study Design and Project ManagementBroadly defined as those activities outside of routine operation to deliver a specific result, a project is temporary in nature with a specific start and end. Project management has emerged over the last half century as that professional discipline dedicated to the planning and execution of those activities.

Mesa Science recognizes Project Management as an important strategic organizational competency for the coordination of the interrelated cross-functional activities required to complete project deliverables. Mesa will apply accepted project management principles, approaches, and tools to provide a unique focus shaped by the goals, resources, and schedule for each project to assure the efficient execution of your development projects.

In collaboration with the project stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts, Mesa Science will:

  1. Define the specific goals and scope and enumerate the specific deliverables to reach that goal for your pharmaceutical development project
  2. Break down the work into manageable work packages, define the sequential interrelations of the packages, assign durations, resources and costs, and combine those elements into an Integrated Project Plan (IPP). That plan will then be used to drive execution, track progress, and capture performance measures.
  3. Will identify the communication requirements of the project stakeholders and define appropriate avenues to meet those requirements, including the preparation of routine progress and budget reports.
  4. Will facilitate the proactive identification of risks to project quality, schedule, and budget and develop appropriate contingencies.

The Mesa Project Manager will then drive execution according to the plan, provide efficient communication, monitor and implement risk contingency strategies, monitor deliverable quality, manage vendor contracts, and report performance to the appropriate audiences.

Software Solutions

Project Management Software SolutionsMesa Science uses Microsoft Project (MSP) as its standard project management software application. Other PM applications can be used at the client’s discretion, but our organization finds MSP a powerful PM application for capturing IPPs, tracking resource usage, tracking and visualizing progress, and calculating and reporting project metrics. MSPs compatibility with other Microsoft applications, including Excel, Visio, and SharePoint, provide a broad array of options for reporting purposes and make it a powerful enterprise application for Program Management.

The incorporation of software tools for the routine tracking and reporting of Earned Value Management (EVM) metrics will be incorporated for projects requiring EVM. MSP has the capability to collect, calculate, and report routine EVM metrics. Additional solutions, such as Deltec’s Cobra, can also be implemented as the standard for USG EVM reporting.

Mesa Science is very familiar with the use of web-based collaboration tools. We use Microsoft Outlook as our email and calendar management platform, and Cisco’s Webex Meetings application has been our interface of choice for conducting web-based meetings for our geographically diverse teams.