A Thank You To The MSA Team

August 26, 2016

Last fall, I started as an intern for the pharmaceutical development consulting firm Mesa Science Associates (MSA) with little to no experience in the pharmaceutical industry, but quickly gained a strong working knowledge of the field. Lo and behold Sir Isaac Newton’s famous quote, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” defined my experience at MSA. Before I knew it, my internship turned into a full-time position and I was getting my hands in projects that I wouldn’t ever have dreamed to have a part in. I want to thank the MSA Principals and Associates for the incredible opportunity that they have provided me by taking me on as an intern a year ago.

Working for MSA also allowed me to network and contribute to projects for other companies that were also in the FITCI Biotech Incubator. The MSA environment was very supportive and intellectually stimulating, they allowed me to expand outwards and increase my knowledge by working for other biotech companies in the incubator. I aided projects ranging from stem cell research to Zika vaccinations. The projects going on in FITCI are utilizing cutting-edge technology to solve current problems in the medical industry.

If I had to give advice to a prospective local student who is interested in working in the Biotechnology industry, it would be to reach out to different companies at FITCI. Not only will you work in a great environment, but you will get the opportunity to work directly with highly experienced professionals in the field.  You never know what opportunity will come next, it may even lead to your involvement in a cross-organizational project.  When you do start working at FITCI, my advice would be to meet everyone and to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor areas surrounding the building.

-Sam Edland

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