Mesa Green Caine Study Results Reported at Epilepsy Conference

Mesa Science Associates Inc. (MSA) and Mesa Green Pharma LLC (MGP) are pleased to announce the results of a study commissioned by MGP presented at the 2021 annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society (AES).  The study was conducted at the University of Minnesota Veterinary School and was performed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic and SMC Inc. The Poster was present by researchers from the University of Minnesota Veterinary School. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate that Midazolam (MDZ) could be injected into dogs via an autoinjector and that brain levels of the drug would be achieved rapidly.  The study reported at AES was a proof concept project aimed at supporting the continued development of an MGP auto-injection system that will deliver MDZ intramuscularly (I.M.) to halt seizure activity in canines. The study poster presented at the AES meeting held in New Orleans from December 3rd through the 9th of 2021, reported positive results and provided the basis for continued development of the MGP product. The study provided a close correlation between the dose of MDZ administered and alterations in brain activity.  This indicates that the drug reaches therapeutic levels rapidly and that the selected dose may be adequate for the target population.  The drug was I.M. into the lumbar region of each animal and was delivered via a reloadable autoinjector simulator developed by SMC and its affiliates. The MGP team hopes to change the paradigm for the treatment of canine seizures by initiating the treatment to as close to the start of the seizure as possible, thereby reducing the need for difficult and costly trips to veterinary emergency medical locations. The study data was presented in an early meeting with the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and MGP now plans to file an Investigational New Animal Drug Application with CVM in the coming year. MGP research indicates that over 4 million dogs suffer from seizures every year. Mesa Green is wholly owned subsidiary of Mesa Science Associates.

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