MSA and COVID-19

Frederick, MD July 17, 2020 – MSA has decided to delay the full-time return to our Frederick offices indefinitely.  Unfortunately, the Covid-19  situation on a national basis is getting worse, and even here in MD the trends are worrisome. So, being in the pharma/medical business, we have decided to take our own very best advice and use a very cautious approach. Therefore we will continue day to day operations from our home offices. We will, from time to time, need to use our offices at FITCI for small Mask to Mask meetings and comply with the in house procedures required by FITCI as well as the MSA developed Covid-19 guidance for our workspace.

Let us hope sometime soon our leaders develop a rational science-based policy regarding Covid-19, but until that time comes, let us all stay home, wear our masks, wash our hands, and social distance.

Stay Safe, Stay Well

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