Progress During the Pandemic

Our surviving the Covid-19 experience has been an example of what having a great team can do for a company. Yes, it was confusing and hard in the beginning. However, once we got our home offices with our computers and printers worked out, we learned the idiosyncrasies of multiple video conference systems,  developed a good team communication strategy and added good additional teammates the business continued to grow. We met nearly all of our goals for the quarter, even in the face of the pandemic.

We now work with folks in California, DC, Pennslyvania, Kansas, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Minnesota, and we have begun building relationships in Boston and England.  All the while, we have continued working with clients and colleagues located at sites in Kentucky and France.  During this period, we have been able to reach into the locker room and find folks who think and work with the same drive and passion we expect of our selves at MSA. They are mostly people that one or more of us have teamed with in the past. The key is that they are talented, we know them, and they come to us knowing how we operate. They bring with them the drive and excitement we all once shared in our former work and personal lives.

During this pandemic, we have had three papers published, a patent issued, another pending, and have remotely managed several critical pre-clinical and toxicology studies. We successfully worked through the statistical challenges presented by each of these studies. During this time, we have taken another customer from their lab to a preliminary conference at the FDA, and we helped craft meaningful responses to several FDA queries regarding another client’s product. We continue to build on our relationship with our colleagues at Meridian Biomedical, another FITCI client. Meridian has continued to provide high-level Quality, Regulatory and administrative support to MSA.

Over this challenging time, we have also established a working relationship with Fulton Bank and the Maryland Department of Commerce. Significantly, MSA has developed strict COVID related guidelines and procedures that allow us to utilize our FITCI office space sparingly, carefully, and efficiently.

Also, we have continued to develop our canine epilepsy program even in the face of travel restrictions and shuttering of partner businesses and Universities.  These activities included identifying and selecting an Animal Regulatory CRO and a Combination Product Developer/CMO.  Early next month, we will see the completion of our canine epilepsy pilot study at the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic. That data will pave the way for our initial FDA meeting on this subject.  

All of the above is just a sample of what we accomplished despite the Covid-19 pandemic, and it further illuminates what good people can do in a crisis when presented with significant challenges along with the right direction and good support. We are so proud of our team and associated colleagues.

Michael Mesa
Mesa Science Associates, Inc.

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