President and CEO of Mesa Science Associates at the National Inventors Hall of Fame

May 12, 2016

On the evening of May 4, 2016 Mr. Michael Mesa, President and CEO of two Frederick MD based companies had the honor of representing Shel Kaplan and the team that developed the original EpiPen® Auto-injector at Illumination Ceremonies at the National Inventors Hall of Fame (NIHF). The EpiPen® is an emergency use auto-injector aimed at treating victims of severe and life threatening allergic reactions. This product is currently manufactured by Meridian Medical Technologies Inc. (a Pfizer Company) and is distributed by Mylan Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Mesa was part of the original development team and led the efforts of the company, known then as Survival Technology Inc., to industrialize the product and build the vendor base for this unique life saving device. In recent years Mr. Mesa also played an important role on the development team for the new and improved next generation EpiPen®.  Mr. Mesa is currently President and CEO of Mesa Science Associates Inc. and Mesa Green Pharmaceuticals LLC.

The NIHF ceremonies were held at the Inventors Hall of Fame Museum located inside the United States Patent and Trademark Office building in Alexandria Va.  After the Illumination Ceremony Mr. Mesa Stated “I am thrilled to have been able to participate in this event and to see the great work of our original team honored and given a spotlight in the NIHF museum. These ceremonies are not only a testament to Mr. Kaplan but they also memorialize the efforts of the original integrated development team whose innovative work moved the EpiPen® from the design table to the production line.” Mr. Mesa added “The EpiPen’ s place in the Hall of Fame also honors the hundreds, even thousands, of folks who have worked every day for the past four decades to make sure allergy sufferers all over the world have had access to this most important life saving device.”

When asked how The Hall of fame selects their honoree’s Ms. Hannah Paulin, Chief Strategic Officer for NIHF, offered “The NIHF looks for inventions that have a positive effect on the human condition.”  Mr. Mesa agreed that “The EpiPen® surely qualifies.”

More information regarding Mr. Mesa is available at

 Mike Mesa at Inventors Hall of Fame

Figure : Michael Mesa at the National Inventors Hall of Fame in front of the EpiPen exhibit.

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